Tennessee Bear Breaks Into Cabin in Pursuit of Sweets, Says It’s Easier Than Putting on Those Damn Gloves (And Waiting in Line For an Hour)

We’re all out of sorts right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many of us are comfort-eating, and that means lots and lots of sugar. The hard part is not being able to pop into a grocery or convenience store as often as we’d like to assuage our sweet tooth. When we do go in search of a sugar rush, we have to don face masks and gloves, then wait in long lines just to get our fix. That’s why we totally understand a black bear that recently broke into a Tennessee rental cabin in pursuit of candy.

The bear swiped pounds of M&Ms and Reese’s peanut butter cups, which proves he has good taste. And he didn’t come alone; three of his buddies were waiting on the back porch, probably hoping he’d share. (He didn’t.) There were two occupants inside the cabin at the time of the chocolate-coated robbery, but they hid in a bedroom, called the police, and were unharmed. As for the bingeing bear, we hope he recovered from his inevitable sugar crash.

Cover Photo: CoyStClair (Getty Images)

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