44 Pounds of Cocaine-Laced Frosted Flakes Seized by US Customs, Officers Says They’re ‘Grrreat!’

Photo: Yevgen Romanenko (Getty Images)

Even if you’ve grown up to eat oatmeal, cream of wheat, yogurt, or something else reasonably healthy for breakfast, you likely have fond memories of the sugary, sweet cereals of your youth. One of our favorites was frosted flakes. It seemed sort of healthy, but it was literally covered in a thick coating of sugar. Any nutritional value from the aforementioned “flakes” was completely ruined by the cloyingly sweet dusting of sugar. A bowl of this cereal would get us cranked up to 11 before 8 a.m. But that’s nothing compared to the potency of the “frosted flakes” recently seized by US customs officials.

Last week US Customs and Border Protection intercepted a 44-pound shipment of frosted flakes that were dusted with cocaine instead of the usual sugar. The street value is estimated to be almost $3 million.

The shipment came from Peru and was flagged by federal agents in Cincinnati after someone attempted to send it to a private residence in Hong Kong. The cereal, “Angel Bran Corn Flakes” was actually sniffed out by a narcotics detecting dog. Otherwise, these hyper-charged frosted flaked might have actually made their way to their final destination.

This brings us to a few questions: 1) why did they package it in corn flakes boxes instead of frosted flakes? 2) what were they planning to do with the cereal once it arrived? Is there a technique to get cocaine off of cereal flakes or were they just planning to get high by eating a bowl or two of this drug-filled breakfast treat? It’s all so strange.

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