Pack a Bowl the Professional Way With This Suka Pipe Combo

Being a mess is different than being messy. You can be a garbage human that leaves trails of physical destruction in your wake and still have your life fully intact (to some degree, at least). Don’t allow herb spillage to make your fellow tokers think you’re out of control. Keep everything tidy, packed, and ready to smoke with this Suka Pipe Combo.

Perfect for a full bowl of your favorite herbs, this baby ensures you keep everything in place. It’s a surefire way to make sure you don’t fumble the ball (or the blunt) with your expensive greenery. The filters included are totally optional, but give you a smoother pull when you really need that extra sweet, sweet relief. If you’ve got family or friends along for the ride who don’t enjoy the smell of your chosen herb, just cap it off with the included cap and keep all of that freshness to yourself.

Afraid grandma might harsh your mellow if she catches wind of what you’ve been up to? Just stick the included aliens inside and set it on your desk for an awesome little desk trinket (gram gram will never be the wiser).

Using this bad boy is easy. Open the bowl, place the mouthpiece in the holder, stick your herb of choice in, tilt, and bam, there’s a full bowl for the taking. When you’re done, just throw the cap back on, put the mouthpiece away (but clean it, of course, don’t be gross), and start again next time you need a little “me time.”

While we know you’re well aware, we just want to remind you that, while there are so many things you can grind up and smoke in 2022, please remember your state’s laws and regulations for certain plants

Get the Suka Pipe Combo, which also includes five sets of filters, five alien custom designs, an extra quartz glass bowl, an extra cap, an extra trackball, and a zipper case for $79.

Prices subject to change.