Trick Your Taste Buds With This Yogurt Brand’s Doughnut Flavors

Photo: Thanasis (Getty Images)

A doughnut is a delicious, sweet start to any day. The only problem is that due to doughnuts being pretty much giant fists made solely out of sugar, it’s a pretty bad idea to eat them every day. A much better option for the health conscious (as well as those interested in their digestive health) is yogurt.

The only problem is that yogurt flavors can be quite bland and not the most exciting way to start your day. But what if you could combine your favorite doughnut flavors with the health benefits of yogurt? That would be a pretty magical, delicious dream world right? Well, thanks to a collaboration between Dunkin’ and Yoplait, that dream is now a reality.

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Sadly, they’re only available for a limited time. But, everyone’s favorite doughnut chain has joined with one of the most well-known yogurt brands to bring classic doughnut flavors to the yogurt world.

The flavors, inspired by well-known Dunkin’ flavors, include Boston Kreme Donut, Apple Fritter, French Vanilla Latte, and Cinnamon Coffee Roll.

“We are always looking for new and unique ways for our guests to enjoy Dunkin’,” Brian Gilbert, vice president of retail business development said in a press release. “With Yoplait’s new Dunkin’-inspired varieties, we are thrilled to bring together the taste of Dunkin’ coffee and donuts with Yoplait’s smooth, creamy yogurt, and delight Dunkin’ lovers everywhere.”

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Now you don’t have to feel bad about enjoying your favorite doughnuts for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner because since they’re in yogurt form, they’re good for you. At least we assume so.