Holi-Detox: Drop the Sugar Cookies and Pick Yourself Up

Photo: Katiko-dp (Getty Images)

If you overdid it with the sugar during the holidays, you’re not alone. It’s time to put down the cookies, the booze, and the bad decisions and focus on flattening that Santa Claus belly. It’s not that your body looks ho-ho-horrible, but that you’re sluggish, grumpy, bloated and in need of a detox.

In fact, a study showed a direct link between consuming sugar-sweetened drinks and cardiovascular disease and diabetes that kill nearly 200,000 people globally. However, you can put an end to the symptoms of sugar addiction by altering your habits to make detoxing off the sweet stuff easier than you think.

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Do you have any tips and tricks for detoxing from all the things you did to your body during the holidays? Share them in the comments!

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