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Ditch Sugary Soda For These Healthy Alternative Drinks

Photo: Jose A. Bernat Bacete (Getty Images)

If Baby Boomers taught us anything, it’s that you can take care of your body well enough to live a pretty long life. However, you have to really invest in yourself if you want to go the distance. That means sugary delights like soda should be kept to a minimum.

A Princeton study on soft drinks showed that consumption of sugary drinks resulted in a dopamine surge in rats, similar in effect to heroin or cocaine use. Yikes. If you’re drinking multiple soft drinks a day, you might be a soft drink junky.

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However, you may not need to banish soda from your diet entirely. Still, replacing soft drinks with healthier beverage choices is optimal. Here’s a list of suggested swaps.

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You should already be drinking eight glasses of water a day. If you’re not doing this, get on it. Water flushes toxins from your body, makes your skin look plush, and can aid in weight loss. Also, it’s free! Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson says, “Wanna lose 1,200 calories a month? Drink a liter of ice water a day. You burn the energy just raising the water to body temp.”

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When fermented tea and sugar are mixed, the result is kombucha. It might not be your literal cup of tea, but the probiotic fizzy drink boasts many health benefits including healthy digestion, lower cholesterol, and more stable blood sugar. Dietitian Maxine Smith, RD, LD, says, “Some of kombucha’s health benefits are similar to those of other fermented foods, like yogurt, kefir, and raw fermented pickles or sauerkraut.”

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Coconut Water

Coconut water is 94 percent water and contains very little fat and no cholesterol. It’s a great source for nutrients and can boost hydration. It’s also very low in sugar, making it a great alternative to sugary sodas and juice. Plus, tennis pro John Isner credits coconut water with keeping him hydrated during epic matches. “[It] prevented me from cramping even in the hottest and most humid conditions.”

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Green Tea

Green tea is commonly considered one of the healthiest drinks on earth. You can drink it hot or cold to receive benefits like increased brain function, fat loss, and a lower risk of cancer.

Not only that, green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients to undo the negative effects of the sodas you love. These nutrients include polyphenols, which reduce inflammation and preventing cell damage. All these attributes make green tea one of the best alternatives to soda.

Do you need to cut back on soda? If so, what you do plan to drink? Let us know in the comments!