Olympian Swims Impressive Distance With Beer Resting on Her Head, Chugs in the Final Stretch

Photo: ferrantraite (Getty Images)

It feels like every week there’s a new TikTok or YouTube challenge. Many of them are really idiotic and pointless, but some are actually fun. This is the case with the new #GotMilkChallenge created by U.S. Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky. And no, this challenge has nothing to do with strengthening your bones by drinking a healthy amount of milk. The five-time gold medalist started the trend by swimming a full 50-meter pool with a glass of chocolate milk resting on top of her head (in 35 seconds). She did this without spilling a drop. You might be thinking that nobody could possibly outdo her. But an Australian Olympic athlete did her one better by using a much better beverage: beer.

The rules are simple. Ledecky’s #GotMilkChallenge has three steps. The first is pouring a glass of milk. That seems easy enough. We might be able to complete this challenge after all. The second step is to do something amazing while balancing said milk without spilling a drop. OK, now we’re getting into more expert territory. Does walking it over to the couch without dropping it count as amazing? The last step isn’t so easy for people without lactose intolerance because you have to take a sip of the milk.


In all honesty, while we all enjoy new, fun videos to keep our attention away from the ongoing pandemic, this challenge is kind of (pun intended) milquetoast. Luckily an Olympic athlete from down under breathed new life into this challenge by removing the milk and adding beer instead.

Fellow Olympic gold medalist Susie O’Neill, instead of trying her hand at a different amazing feat with a glass of milk, decided to attempt the same one with an Australian beer resting snuggly upon her head.

It was all filmed by Australia’s “Sunrise on 7” and sadly O’Neill didn’t complete the arduous task. She came up just short, spilling some of the beer just as she was about to finish. We’re glad she was able to grab the pint and chug it before it completely spilled. Then she swam the final meters and hopefully was handed another beer for her creativity.

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