Meanwhile in Florida: Bear Responsibly Takes Out the Trash Can, Treats Himself at the End

Photo: mlorenzphotography (Getty Images)

Things are different in Florida. There’s a reason “Florida Man” has become a meme and the beginning of many headlines that usually reference alligators, bath salts, drunken behavior, or all of the above. Florida Man is such a legend that Cigar City Brewing even made a beer in his white trash honor. But, sometimes even Florida Man gets one-upped by the wild and wooly creatures of the state shaped like America’s droopy appendage. This time it’s a bear and its fascination with a garbage can. Luckily, it was all caught on video.

A Florida man caught a bear on camera on his driveway recently. And what the bear was doing was a little out of the ordinary. Homeowner Brett Longo of Mary Esther, Okaloosa County, Florida, got an alert on his phone about something triggering his security camera. What he saw were two black bears hanging around his garbage cans.

If you looked quickly you might have assumed it was a man in a bear suit because one of the woodland creatures appeared to be wheeling his garbage can up the driveway from the street. Sadly, this bear must not have realized that the garbage hadn’t been picked up yet because it was still full. And, in an even less helpful move, it dumped the whole can, contents and all, onto his front lawn.

It’s clear that the bear was just looking for something to eat, but it’s pretty rude of it to pretend to be helpful only to dump garbage everywhere. Either way, at least Longo has a funny video to look back on while he picks up greasy pizza boxes and empty pop tart wrappers from his lawn.

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