Meanwhile in Florida: Brain-Eating Amoeba Infects Local Man, Everyone Assumed ‘Florida Man’ Was Reason Enough For Odd Behavior

When Florida sees COVID-19, murder hornets and super snakes, of course it says, “Hold my beer.” For example, the state’s residents can now add brain-eating amoebas to their already long list of woes. A man in Florida was recently infected by a rare microorganism called Naegleria fowleri. Like a horrific alien bioweapon in a sci-fi flick, this amoeba can crawl into people’s nostrils. Subsequently, the little guy can worm his way into any number of body systems. Like zombies, their preferred meals are human meat computers (aka brains).

And you thought alligators and maskless redneck spring breakers were bad. The Florida Department of Health warns against swimming in warm, fresh water. This is doubly true if the water level is extra low. If your friend does a cannonball while shotgunning a Budweiser, watch out. The amoebas live on the bottom of lakes and love to use murky clouds as cover. The FDH recommends being mindful of your nose holes and not to put your face close to any alien egg sacks. Even more horrifying, the amoebas could potentially infect tap water. After that, they recommend sterilizing any water used in neti pots or other sinus cleaning devices. Honestly though, maybe it’s best to go swimming in your tub for now, or even better, to move anywhere but Florida.

Cover Photo: De Agostini Picture Library (Getty Images)

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