Venice Has New Gondola Weight Restrictions, Time to Shed That Quarantine 15

Photo: Getty Images

While we’re still stuck on some semblance of a quarantine, many of us are dreaming about the trips we hope to take when the world goes back to normal. Among them are road trips to see finally see all the iconic sites in America, a vacation on a Caribbean island full of white sand beaches and rum punches, and a trip to Europe with a stop in Venice to finally take an iconic gondola ride through the city’s famous canals. Well, when it comes to the latter, you might want to start your diet now to lose that “quarantine 15.”

Venice’s Gondola Association (yes, it’s a real thing) made an announcement recently about new regulations for the famed gondola rides. Due to tourists getting heavier in the past few years, the association is now only allowing five people instead of the usual six for each gondola ride. On top of that, taxiing with the bigger de parade gondolas now allows a maximum of 12 (it used to be 14).

While not directly singling out larger Americans, the president of the association told CNN, “Over the last 10 years or so, tourists weigh more.” She pointed out that limiting the number of passengers is easier (and much less embarrassing) than weighing customers before they climb on to the gondolas.

You might be wondering how exactly they came to this conclusion. Well, it appears that the city has had problems with rotund revelers filling gondolas only to have them end up so low in the water that the gondola drivers fear they’ll sink or capsize.

If that’s not enough to get you to opt for a salad instead of french fries from time to time, we don’t know what will. Maybe a gondola ride in Venice isn’t for you.

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