2020 Is Summed Up By One Food Item: A Bag of Cooked Bacon

Photo: Dunkin’

Back in February, a month before the world paused for the COVID-19 pandemic, Dunkin’ released the food item that best summed up 2020. That’s when the well-known coffee and donut chain launched an item called “Snackin’ Bacon” that’s literally just a bag of bacon to “snack on.” It’s the kind of thing that Frank Reynolds, who is famous for filling his breast pocket with cooked sausage to enjoy throughout the day, would love. We love it too, but not for the same reason as Danny DeVito’s iconic character on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

We love this sack of “Snackin’ Bacon” because no food item better sums up this year. It’s been a year highlighted by the ongoing pandemic, rising racial tensions, and a president who seems more concerned with gloating in a photograph of canned beans than uniting the country.

“Snackin’ Bacon” is the “Oh screw it” of the food world. It’s simply a bag with eight half-strips of Applewood smoked cooked, crispy bacon doused with black pepper and brown sugar seasoning. Salty, sweet, and simple.

We’re definitely not knocking this delicious side dish. We can’t think of anything better to pair with a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich than more bacon. But the simplicity and laziness perfectly sum up 2020. This year has been full of anxiety, stress, and worry. Screw it, let’s just eat handfuls of bacon. Who needs bread and cheese when you have crispy, salty, greasy bacon? Definitely not us.

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