Meanwhile in California: The End of Bacon May Be Near Due to New Animal Welfare Law, Pig Out While You Still Can

Californians are known for their health-conscious eating, but must they push their green smoothie-drinking regimens off on us carnivores? A new law apparently says yes…and it really burns our bacon.

In 2018, a majority of voters approved an animal welfare proposition that demands extra room for breeding pigs, among other farm animals. The new rules mean that 96% of hog farmers will be out of compliance. If the Golden State doesn’t check itself and lower its standards, non-compliant meat will basically be banned, and pork will be a distant memory. That the proposition passed is somewhat surprising given that Californians consume 15 percent of the country’s pork products.

We wouldn’t care so much except for the fact that bacon is one of the foods affected by this ridiculous measure. The crispy, greasy, salt-filled form of “the other white meat” will essentially be black market fare.

We understand that animal cruelty is a valid concern among meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, but how are we expected to start the day without the breakfast staple otherwise known as bacon? If it’s between the pigs’ well-being or ours, sorry, Wilbur, but we’ll choose to satiate our own appetites over ensuring your comfort any day.

Pig out while you still can, Californians!

Cover Photo: Janet Moore / EyeEm (Getty Images)



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