‘The Milk Crate Challenge’ Will Probably End Up Killing Someone

The internet is always just in reach of popularizing yet another dumb fad, but ‘the Milk Crate Challenge is different because it’s started out as a good idea, yet will likely wind up killing someone in the long run.

The Milk Crate Challenge has been brought to life by YouTuber SB, who posted a video of his young nephew climbing atop a 16-foot tower of 20 milk crates before reaching out and grabbing a bar suspended from the ceiling of the activity center. Fortunately the child in the video was secured to a harness, but with the video steadily rising in popularity it’s only a matter of time before people start taking this too far, overlooking all logic in favor of doing this without being strapped in first.

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Take a look at the video below:

It turns out that the Milk Crate Challenge is a pretty popular activity in climbing complexes, though it has (thankfully) yet to make waves on the internet. Here’s another video captured last year, outlining the (pretty self-explanatory) rules behind the challenge:

Regardless of the fact that the young kid who’s popularizing the Milk Crate Challenge was wearing a harness, it still required an incredible amount of balance to clamber atop the 20 crates without them falling. We just hope that that others don’t follow suit without applying the appropriate safety measures, otherwise this could be the most dangerous internet fad since neknominate.