The Funniest Olympic Fails (To Make You Feel Better About Your Own Pathetic Level of Athleticism)

The Olympic games are serious business. Athletes train for years to prepare for the summer and winter games, and by the time competition begins, they’re in tip-top shape and raring to win some medals. But just because the most impressive physical specimens in the world have good intentions and high hopes doesn’t always mean things go according to plan. In fact, there are many mishaps at the Olympics, and the worst part is that the whole world is watching when they happen.

In honor of the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo (which kicks off on July 23), we’ve rounded up 15 of the funniest Olympic fails of all time. These are almost more fun to watch than the corporeal marvels who take home the gold. After all, the biggest losers get the biggest laughs.

Cover Photo: YouTube


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