Meanwhile in South Carolina: Teen Boy Torn to Pieces After Shark Out-Surfs Him (Video)

With shark attacks on the rise, it’s no wonder beachgoers are experiencing an uncomfortable amount of close encounters with the ocean’s greatest predator. But some sharks are more interested in schooling teen boys than having them for lunch.

A Tennessee teen was showing off his surf moves atop the breaks at Myrtle Beach when a spinner shark leaped out of the water below him. While experts say spinner sharks aren’t a threat to humans, this one left the kid torn to pieces. But not for the reason you think.

The 15-year-old Ethan Allen, who goes by E, thought he was looking pretty cool to all the sunbathers on the beach when he caught his first wave. That is until the thunder-stealing spinner shark put E’s ride to shame by dropping into the wave with a dazzling trick of his own.

As the shark hit a perfect 900, E collapsed onto his board and wiped out in the whitewash. Check it out:


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Incredibly, neither Ethan nor his mom Kaci noticed the shark until later that day. “I didn’t see this one until he was scrolling through videos!” Kaci Allen said. “We’ve seen sharks in the water before, but never captured video of one – they’re fast!”

Fast and gut-wrenchingly magnificent in the barrel.

Sure, it hurts to know you’ll never surf half as good as a baby shark who casually steals your wave. But Ethan shouldn’t feel too bad about getting upstaged by the little bloodsucker (who’s been surfing since the day he was born). After all, we’re pretty sure E would school the shark in a head-to-head game of basketball.

Cover Photo: Rick Doyle (Getty Images)

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