Meanwhile in India: Talented Artist Uses Tongue to Paint Masterpieces, Ladies You Might Want to See If He’s Single

Talk about making the best of what Mother Nature gave you. Artist Praveen Kalirajan of Viruthnagar, India, has a 4.25-inch tongue. For reference, that’s even longer than the current Guinness World Record holder’s. The 20-year-old has been putting it to good use, too. He uses that creepy mouth muscle to paint masterpieces.

He’s created over 1,000 art pieces by using his tongue to spread paint on canvas. His work has included depictions of the Last Supper, Jesus, and other kinds of portraits. We have to admit: his work isn’t half bad.

So why does he do this? “I wanted to be a different kind of artist,” he said in a video on Truly.

Other than that motivation, it’s unclear why he subjects himself to this practice. He has full use of his arms and hands – and has even tried painting with his nose, chin, elbows, and feet. By his own admission, painting with his tongue results in jaw pain, headaches, loss of vision, and memory issues – for up to two weeks! (All that oral contact with paint can’t be good for you.)

Go ahead and watch him work…but if you have a queasy stomach, you might want to skip it.

As for the ladies, we know what you’re thinking: is this guy single?!

Cover Photo: YouTube



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