Flintstones San Francisco
11 April 2019, US, Hillsborough: View of a colorfully painted house in unusual construction in Hillsborough near San Francisco. A Californian decorated her unusual Flintstone house with meter-high dinosaurs and other figures. For some city officials in that fancy place, it's a blot. Now the construction dispute is going to court. Photo: Barbara Munker/dpa (Photo by Barbara Munker/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Meanwhile in San Francisco: Owner of ‘Flintstone House’ Settles Lawsuit, Allowed to Keep Her Cartoonish Home (Even If It’s a Yabba Dabba Don’t)

Everybody has their “thing” when it comes to entertainment fixations. Maybe you’re a super-fan of The Simpsons. Maybe you’ve watched Game of Thrones beginning to end 10 times. Maybe you set a record for seeing Avengers: Endgame in the theater. But rarely does a TV series or movie inspire you to redesign your entire home around it.

Ah, but you are not Florence Fang, a retired publishing mogul who lives in Hillsborough, a San Francisco suburb. Fang is probably the biggest admirer of The Flintstones, judging by her home, which features giant sculptures and garish decorations from the 1960s Stone Age-themed cartoon – in addition to dinosaur and alien decor (we don’t get it, either).


Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

The neighbors aren’t too keen on Fang’s animated series aesthetic, which they consider “a highly visible eyesore” and a public nuisance. The town – which prides itself on a rural, woodsy vibe – actually sued her, claiming that she violated local codes by not pulling a permit for the dinosaur sculptures in the yard. In 2019, Fang failed to abide by stop-work orders and an order to remove some of the gaudy installations around the 2,730 square foot property. She then countersued.

Now, the two sides have reached a settlement that includes town reviewal and approval of all landscaping “improvements” as well as a requirement that Fang apply for building permits. Hillsborough will also have to shell out $125K to Fang.

We can’t say we’d enjoy having a neighbor with a Flintstones obsession like Fang’s, but to each his or her own. You “yabba dabba” do you, lady.

Cover Photo: picture alliance / Contributor (Getty Images)