Photos Of This Abandoned ‘Flintstones’ Theme Park Are As Awesome As They Are Creepy

Photo: Facebook/Forgotten Places Photography 

Did you ever get the chance to visit Bedrock City when it was operating? Well not many folks did get the chance. But what is Bedrock City? Bedrock City was a theme park based off of the extremely popular kids show The Flintstones. The park opened in 1972 between Williams, Arizona and the Grand Canyon. But unfortunately many of the employees were let go because of the park’s isolated location. So of course the theme park went to shit.

But believe it or not, the park is still open 364 days a year (closed on Christmas), as it it now used as an RV park and campground for tourists and temporary visitors. And thanks to Facebook page Forgotten Places Photography, which is all about taking photos of awesome abandoned locations, we get to see how this park is looking today.


Photo: Facebook/Forgotten Places Photography

You can still walk on these grounds, and take in the sights — and even enter the stone-carved buildings. But it’s just a creep-fest.


Photo: Facebook/Forgotten Places Photography

Back when it was in operation, employees would walk around in costumes dressed up as the characters and the park of course had its share of rides.


Photo: Facebook/Forgotten Places Photography

But now all that is left is evidence of a park that once was. It’s kind of sad if you think about it. But also quite fascinating.


Photo: Facebook/Forgotten Places Photography

There’s actually a tram that takes guests around the park if you want to see it.


Photo: Facebook/Forgotten Places Photography

And don’t worry, you can still slide down the dinosaur’s tail/ass.

But it seems like the park is still alive in some way, as people still get to see it.


Photo: Facebook/Forgotten Places Photography

And one family even got on the grounds and filmed everything that’s inside if you have time to watch it.

h/t Distractify

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