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Kid Narrowly Escapes Flying Bounce House of Death, In Defense of the House He Tried This at Home (Video)

We know bounce houses are a bad idea, right? They’re basically designed to cause injuries. Even if your kid emerges unscathed, with all his bones in their proper places, bounce houses are still dangerous as hell.

How do we know? Because a kid in North Carolina almost got mowed down by one. The incident (which, we gotta say, is kind of hilarious) was captured on a Ring doorbell video.

In the clip, a little boy named Michael is seen standing in a backyard. All of a sudden, a massive gust of wind comes along, rips the bounce house off the grass, and hurtles it at the house. Michael was right in the oncoming path of the flying inflatable, but he manages to run out of its way (just barely). He later said the bounce house grazed him in the process.

The bounce house then crashes into the (still-standing) home, and a moment later, a flurry of adults come running to the yard to see what happened. (Interesting that only one of them, a dude – and, we assume, the dad – bothers to check to see if there are any kids still in the bounce house.)

Jennifer Beane, who rented the bounce house for her son’s second birthday, shared the security cam footage on Facebook to warn others of bounce house dangers.

“Thank the good lord everyone was safe,” she wrote. “It could have been much, much worse. Please if you get a bounce house be sure to watch out for how bad the winds will be.”

She concluded: “We are all still shaken up about it and Michael says we can’t have anymore bounce houses in the future!”

Can you blame him?

Cover Photo: New York Post