Bounce House Literally Blows Three Kids Away

Well, it looks like bringing back the game of jarts for your kid’s ninth birthday party wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

According to WGHP, three kids were hurt Monday afternoon in South Glens Falls, N.Y., when the inflatable bounce house they were, well, bouncing in became detached from the stakes holding it down because of strong gust of wind.

A ten-year-old girl suffered only minor injuries after she fell out almost instantly, but two boys, ages five and six, were transported to Albany Medical Center after they fell out of what sounds like the worst ride ever when it was at least 15 feet in the air. One boy landed on a parked car while the other landed on the ground.

A neighbor snapped the picture of the bounce house blowing away, and witnesses said it lifted as high as 50 feet off the ground.

A 2012 study said that nearly 30 kids visit the emergency room with bounce house-related injuries everyday, most of which are broken bones and leg and arm sprains.

Hopefully, these kids will come out of this all right and grow up to throw parties for their kids somewhere just a tad less dangerous – like Detroit.

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