Meanwhile in West Virginia: Teen Saves Trapped Boy Using TikTok

How can a teenager in New Hampshire save a boy trapped under a four-wheeler 800 miles away? Thanks to TikTok, anything is possible.

Trent Jerrett was live-streaming his backyard ATV ride on TikTok when the vehicle flipped, pinning him underneath. Caught beneath his half-ton four-wheeler meant the clock was ticking fast. Unable to move, Jerrett began calling out the number to his grandparent’s house in West Virginia.

“I was yelling out my grandparents’ house phone number,” Jerrett said. “I couldn’t hardly breathe.”

At that very moment, halfway across the country, Caden Cotnoir happened to be watching Jerrett’s TikTok. As he witnessed the accident unfold, he knew something had gone horribly wrong. “All of a sudden his phone goes kind of blank, you can see a little bit of light and you can just hear him yelling for help,” he recalled.

He sprung into action, grabbing his dad who also happens to be the local police chief. The pair were able to reach Jerrett’s grandparents within minutes, who managed to locate the wreck and pull Jerrett out to safety. Incredibly, the boy sustained only minor injuries.

In true internet fashion, the boys connected over Zoom, giving Jerrett a chance to directly thank Cotnoir for his quick thinking and being “virtually there,” in his time of need. It was a moment that felt as 2021 as anything so far this year.

With the culture of social media celebrity leading to huge paydays for some teens, millions have grown obsessed with building a following. And while parents argue this obsession can be unhealthy, it looks like it pays to have an audience in more ways than one.

Cover Photo: Maskot (Getty Images)

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