Usher Tips Stripper In UsherBucks, Claims Fake Bills Have Promotional Value (Uh-Huh)

We’ve all been caught without our wallet when it comes time to pay the bill. It’s happened at the grocery store, the coffee shop, even the damn Popeye’s Drive-thru. Usually, you just hand back the greasy brown bag and continue on your merry way. But what do you do when you’re caught at the strip club without your stack of singles? Pay the tab with UsherBucks, of course.

That’s what one dancer alleged after Usher and his crew spent a wild night at Sapphire in Las Vegas. She posted a photo of the UsherBucks on her IG account ($121 in all) posing the loaded question: “Ladies what would you do if you danced all night for Usher and he threw this??”

For a hot minute, the internet transformed into an Usher-bashing factory, with the meme machine churning out the requisite troll bait. That is until Usher’s camp and club Saphhire both issued statements saying the news story was fake, as the performer indeed left a generous tip in real cash to the entire staff.

Turns out a member of Big Ush’s entourage threw a few promotional bucks on stage as a little joke before retiring from the evening’s festivities. Instagrammer @beel0ove might’ve missed the punchline, but more than likely, she just wanted to strike the social media hornet’s nest to get a little honey for herself. Either way, expect a lot more UsherBucks to rain down in the coming months.

Usher got his start singing and dancing at malls around Atlanta, so the man is no stranger to self-promotion. Hell, trying to get people to put down their hotdog on a stick and pay you some mind is harder than it sounds. Looks like the performer, who opens a Vegas residency this summer, hasn’t lost his touch. Check out the buzz on Twitter with these hilarious reactions to the “Scandal that Shook Thongs Around the World.”

Cover Photo: @beel0ove (Instagram)

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