Meanwhile in Vegas: Watch Stripper Steal Show at Usher Residency, Send Temperatures (And Value of UsherBucks) Rising

Usher is raking in the dough with his sold-out residency in Las Vegas, but it looks like the man who moonlights as Mr. Entertainment is still paying his strippers in UsherBucks. (And this time, everyone’s stoked about it.)

Strippers have always been a big part of the Vegas experience, becoming one of the biggest parts of the city’s nightlife economy. And now thanks to Usher, they’re taking center stage at Caesars Palace (and getting rich on UsherBucks in the process).

The R&B singer kicked off his return to The Strip with a booty-rattling show featuring some top-notch panty peelers going full tilt. And while the multi-platinum artist showed off some of his trademark dance moves, he couldn’t hold a candle to one performer in particular who stole the show during a “bad girl” set piece.

Watch the pole genius in action:

Sadly, because it was a family-friendly show, the adult entertainment had to be stripped back to fit the General Admission vibe. Still, the skill of the performer – who goes by Isis – is on full display, making her the surprise star of the show (along with UsherBucks, of course).

Speaking of which, while the production claims the UsherBucks are merely a prop for the show, folks on Twitter couldn’t help but notice the money is making its way into real life. And hey, why not? If it’s good enough for Big Ush, it’s good enough for a bloody mary at the Excalibur.

The best part is, Google has suddenly become populated with searches like “usher bucks value” “usher bucks worth” and “where to get usher bucks”. With interest like this, UsherBucks might just be the solution you’ve been looking for to pay off your gambling debt.

Cover Photo: Denise Truscello (Getty Images)

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