Comet with colorful tail travelling in deep space at high speed.

Meanwhile in Vermont: Exploding Meteor Rattles Buildings, Everything’s Fine Says People White Knuckling and Waiting For the Rest of Them

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…meteor? That’s what residents of Vermont found themselves saying on Sunday night as a fireball shot through the air at about 42,000 mph, causing a huge boom. The force was so strong, it rattled buildings.

“The space rock fragmented violently, producing a pressure wave that rattled buildings and generated the sound heard by those near the trajectory,” NASA said in a Facebook post.

Over 100 people in the Green Mountain state and their neighbors in Canada witnessed this whacked surprise from Mother Nature.

The asteroid fragment was estimated to be around 10 pounds in weight and 6 inches in diameter, with the explosive power of 440 pounds of TNT. That level of pressure can cause palpable tremors in the ground.

Residents were completely confused at the time the meteor hit, and only came to understand what happened in hindsight.

“I thought it was a missile,” one woman wrote on Facebook. “Almost [in the] blink of an eye [it was] gone. So very awesome that I was able to see it.”

“It was super bright white and broke up into a few pieces,” a man from Colchester shared.

“I was very excited to see it,” another man told a local news station. “It’s a phenomenon I will never forget.”

The flying object went the distance – 33 miles to be exact – until it flared out above Beach Hill in Orleans County.

After a year like 2020, nothing should surprise us anymore, but if we’d seen or heard this insane mass of rock flying by outside our window, we’d definitely think the end was near.

Cover Photo: Maciej Frolow (Getty Images)

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