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This 13-Year-Old Kid Is Running For Governor In Vermont

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Odds are you’ll best recognize the name Ethan Sonneborn from the line, “Who in the hell is Ethan Sonneborn?”

According to CNN, Sonneborn is a 13-year-old kid who is hoping to be the next governor of Vermont, and since “there are no state laws that require gubernatorial candidates to be a certain age,” he’ll be the youngest human being in that state’s history to ever vie for the office.

Sonneborn will be campaigning while he’s still in school, and as of now, it appears as though he only has two challengers ahead of Vermont’s Democratic primary in August.

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Now before you pass this off as some stunt by a kid who’s just hoping to get some more flavors of Mountain Dew in the soda machine at his middle school, take a gander at Sonneborn’s gubernatorial platform. You’ll see that he’s all about stricter gun control, even though he acknowledges his state’s citizens’ passion for hunting.

“It’s a culture that I respect,” Sonneborn said. “But if it’s making the decision between letting my friends have a good time at a firing range and them possibly being involved in a school shooting, I’m choosing legislation to protect them from that school shooting. I wish it didn’t take a tragedy for us to become involved in a national dialogue about how we move forward, but we can’t go back in time and make it that Parkland didn’t happen. And while we’re in this moment, I think it’s a good opportunity to make change.”

Amazing. A 13-year-old kid in Vermont gets it, yet a group of 535 adults in Washington, D.C. still can’t get it done.


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