Ranking the Great Sodas of Your Entire Life

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty)

We’ve ranked a lot of things in our Mandatory days — everything to the funniest Family Guy characters to Tom Cruise’ best roles, but nothing is more difficult than pulling rank on one of the most nostalgic items on the list: the greatest sodas of all time. While we firmly believe Pepsi tastes like trash, and other brands should get in line behind Coca-Cola, we’re finding some surprise pop-ups in our top 10 sodas. Strap in for what will definitely be a heavy debate on soft drinks, some of which will make you cry for your inner child to come out and play.

So flip through the top ten sodas ever, and see if you agree with you and want to high-five us, or disagree with us and want to murder us.

Ranking The Great Sodas

Now go get yourself a highly-caffeinated soft drink, and come back to read more of our stuff, because that is truly the only way to go about your life at least according to us.

Oh, and sorry again if you aren’t a fan of our list, don’t berate us (that much).

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