ITALY - JULY 18: Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), detail from Allegory on Charles V of Habsburg (1500-1558) as Ruler of the world, painting by Peter Johann Nepomuk Geiger (1805-1880), Throne Room, Miramare castle, Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Look How Pissed Off This Kid Is About Christopher Columbus

Photo: DeAgostini/Getty Images

If you grew up in America and went to school here chances are you heard the same old story about Christopher Columbus: that he was a solid dude who discovered America. In reality, he was a piece of garbage who enslaved native inhabitants of the West Indies and then forced them to convert to Christianity. And one kid gets this. That kid’s name? King Johnson (awesome name).

A school’s journal entry written by Johnson has recently gone viral as Johnson goes all out to tell the teacher how pissed off he is about Columbus. Johnson even takes some jabs at his teacher. Take a look at the entry below:

Here’s a closer look at this hilarious entry:

“Today was not a good learning day. Blah blah blah i only wanted to hear you not talking. You said something wrong and i can’t listen when I hear lies. My mom said that tho only Christofer we acknowledge is Wallace. Because Columbus didn’t find our country the Indians did. I like to have Columbus day off but I want you to not teach me lies. That is all. My question for the day is; how can white people teach black history?”

Holy hell. Some highlights:

My mom said that tho only Christofer we acknowledge is Wallace.”

“How can white people teach black history?”

And how did the teacher react to this entry? By writing this:

“King I am very disappointed in your journal today.”

And Johnson simply responded with this:


Twitter was of course loving everything about this kid:

Well done, kid.

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