Kid Loses His Mind And Destroys Classroom Computers, Student Drags Him Out

Screenshot: YouTube

Let me first kick this off by saying that we don’t know much about the background of this video. We don’t know where it was filmed or what school it took place in. By the looks of it, it can honestly be any school in America. All we know is that something set off a kid so much that he began losing his mind and destroying computers — so much so that one of the computers even hits the elderly teacher trying his best to calm him down. But not to worry, because another student had to step in to drag him out.

Check out the bizarre video below:

So the question is: how should this kid had been handle? Should the teacher had used physical force? Should cops had been called? Are we to assume this kid failed a test he didn’t study for and was just upset? Probably.

I get why the teacher didn’t do anything as these days they can get the boot for pretty much anything. But hey, at least that student was brave enough to get him the hell out of there.

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