Teacher Steals Thousands Of Dollars From Homecoming Fund To Spend At Casino

Photo: mbbirdy (Getty)

Something tells me she has a gambling problem. You know, it’s just a gut feeling.

Usually when we talk about teachers it’s to tell you about yet another situation involving a teacher hooking up with a student. But this time around no sex is involved — just a bunch of stolen money. Yep. Let’s all meet Michigan high school teacher Lydia Johnson. Johnson was in charge of coordinating student events such as homecoming and a student-parent trip. But instead of using all that cash to fund those events Johnson instead used it to splurge at the casino.

According to Macomb County authorities, the 29-year-old stole spent part of the $90,000 fund playing penny slots at MGM Grand Detroit casino. When her classroom was searched, police actually found several casino receipts next to the open and empty homecoming envelopes. Whoops, busted.

Teacher Steals Thousands Of Dollars From Homecoming Fund To Spend At Casino

Photo: Macomb County Sheriff's Office

Photo: Macomb County Sheriff’s Office

Johnson was charged with one count of embezzlement from a non-profit organization, $1,000 to $20,000. Her bond was set at $10,000.


Johnson was the school’s student activity coordinator from July 1, 2016 until her recent removal. That role enabled her to oversee incoming and outgoing funds related to student events. The school put her on administrative leave in May after seeing issues with her bookkeeping. After the homecoming dance, school officials claim she only deposited $11,000 into the school’s fund for what should have been nearly $30,000 in ticket fees. She also is alleged to have deposited $500 for a school trip that garnered $13,000 in fees.

“Many of these students will now remember their senior homecoming for all the wrong reasons,” said Macomb Sheriff Anthony Wickersham.

After Johnson’s wrongdoings was learned about by the staff at Dakota High School she was prohibited from being on any school premises, attending any school events and having contact with any students or staff without prior permission from the administration.

And now because of all this Johnson faces up to 10 years in prison.

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