Burger King Tweets ‘Women Belong in the Kitchen’ Joke on International Women’s Day, Nobody Wants It Their Way (Funniest Twitter Reactions)

Photo: James Leynse (Getty Images)

Twitter should be called the “foot in mouth” app because that’s exactly what users do every day. Usually, they are normal people who add a poorly-timed comment to a polarizing topic. It usually blows over after 100 other users mock them for their lack of sense. Big brands aren’t immune to this type of backlash for “jokes” either. Usually, they get dragged in the media and everyone agrees that they made a bad choice. We all move on. Sometimes, though, a major brand sends out a tweet with so little thought that it leaves everyone scratching their heads.

This is the case with a recent tweet from Burger King UK. In honor of International Women’s Day (which just happens to be today), Burger King’s UK Twitter account thought that the time was right for a misogynistic joke about women and the kitchen. Actually, they literally tweeted “Women belong in the kitchen.”


We’ll pause a few moments to let that sink in. They followed it with a handful of tweets explaining what they meant. It was actually a bold, and head-scratching-ly strange way to get out the info that they’re launching a new scholarship fund to get more female chefs in restaurants.

Obviously, it worked. We’re all talking about it today. But not everyone is happy with this dated, skewed worldview being used to promote their cause. Below, you’ll find some of the best Twitter responses.

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