Bear Skips Hibernation For High-Speed Chase With Skier, Ready the Popcorn (Video!)

One of the best things about winter, other than the extreme cold and perpetual darkness, is hitting the slopes for some fun in the snow. But what happens when a bear challenges you to a downhill race? That’s precisely what happened in Romania last week when a brown bear snuck onto the slopes to join an amateur skier who had no idea he was about to be lunchmeat.

Luckily for us, the whole incident was caught on video. And it’s the best bear on human action we’ve seen since Leonardo DiCaprio danced with that Kodiak in The Revenant. As you watch the scene unfold, first notice the ski lifts in the foreground filled with very relaxed onlookers feeling deservedly smitten about the position they happen to not be in at the moment. Then cast your judgemental stare on the skier as he opts for giant “S” shaped swoops instead of a high-velocity beeline as a strategy to outrun the bear.

As the bear quickly begins closing the gap, the skier makes the brilliant decision to throw off his backpack, distracting his opponent just long enough to cross the finish line victorious. Unfortunately for his fans, the mystery athlete has yet to step forward to claim his trophy, as eyewitnesses report he had to be rushed from the scene after severely shitting his pants.

Photo: Odd Andersen (Getty Images)

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