Watch This Skier Caught In The Chair Lift Jump Down 20 Feet To Safety

Photo: LockieCurri (Getty)

20 feet might not sound like the scariest drop on the surface, but when you’re going up a mountain and dangling upside-down because your ski is caught in the damn chair lift, I’m sure it’s scarier than getting in a car with Billy Joel behind the wheel.

According to UPI, that is the hell 18-year-old Anastasia Semenov found herself in Thursday afternoon at Mammoth Mountain, but she luckily had a happy ending thanks to the somewhat quick response from resort personnel and the skiers.

Watch as Semenov dangles 20 feet above her rescuers before finally freeing herself from the lift and falling into the safety net below.

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It wasn’t like Semenov was fucking around on the lift when she became lodged in it. For whatever reason, the safety bar was down, and something as simple as that led to the chaos.

“We were getting ready to get on the chair when we looked back to sit down, and the safety bar was down, but it should have been up so it was blocking us from sitting down,” Semenov said. “And then my leg and my ski somehow got caught on the foot ledge. And then the machine – the lift didn’t stop, so it just took me up with it. I don’t really know, it happened so quickly, I just let go and fell into the night. They caught me, it didn’t hurt at all.”

Shoutout to the snowboarders and skiers in the background who saw a poor girl hanging upside-down on the lift but decided finishing their run down the mountain was more important. Priorities.

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