Typo Gets This Holiday Event Turnt, Don’t Miss Out on This Year’s ‘Sit on Satan’s Lap Fundraiser’

Sitting on Santa’s lap is a time-honored holiday tradition. (Creepy though it may be.) Most children, if they’re smart enough to sense “stranger danger,” bawl through the experience while their parents snap pics. Well, this year, one little typo is giving kids an even bigger reason to cry about being plopped on a random dude’s thighs.

That’s because, in New Mexico, an art collective made a mistake when preparing for their coronavirus pandemic relief event. Instead of “Sit on Santa’s Lap,” somebody typed, “Sit on Satan’s Lap.”

“There was actually a typo, a clerical error and I just kind of rolled with it because everyone needs the money, money is tight right now,” an artist from the Antlion Entertainment Art Collective (who refused to be identified but who was involved in the fundraiser) told local news station KRQE.

The event takes place on Dec. 19 at the University of New Mexico’s Johnson Field. Admittance is (what else) $6.66. The meet-and-greet will consist of an artist disguised as Satan, who will be hidden behind a barrier with only his leg exposed. Children can sit on the disembodied lap and tell Satan what they want, because “Santa is hiding out like a coward and I’m willing to step up to the plate,” the devilish artist told the station.

The ire doesn’t end there. The fundraiser’s site further states: “How many people have been saved by prayer? Zero. How many have been saved by wearing a mask? 130,000! God: 0. A little piece of cloth: 130,000. The numbers don’t lie! Don’t put your money in the church collection plate; put it to actual use instead.”

Turns out, whether you’re talking about Santa or Satan, (anti)religious zealots have to get in there and ruin everything. Either ways, kids are going to be terrified. As they should be. These days, it’s hard to tell hell and the holidays apart.

Cover Photo: Facebook

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