Doctor Pays $93K For Lamp From ‘Aladdin,’ What He Got Was Actually Worse Than the Reboot

Imagine this scenario: you spend years going to medical school to become a doctor. If you’ve reached this pinnacle of the medical profession, there’s a pretty good chance people believe that you’re fairly intelligent. One day, a woman comes into your hospital to be treated for an injury. Two men come with her. They tell the doctor about an occultist priest who has a lamp that has a genie trapped inside. So, remember you’re a doctor. Your intelligence and basic deductive reasoning are assumed. Obviously, this story ends with you laughing in the two men’s faces as you move on to your next patient. Sadly, this happened in India recently, and it had a much different ending.

Dr. Leeak Khan should probably be stripped of his medical license for sheer stupidity. That’s because he paid two con men 7 million rupees (around $93,000) for a lamp that he believed contained a genie that would grant his every wish.

Photo: Uttar Pradesh Police (UP Police)

How did this happen, you say? Apparently, not only did the men somehow convince the doctor that they had this magical lamp, but they even procured a genie (another con man) to trick him. How elaborate this trick was, we’ll never know, But, we can only assume that a doctor so easily tricked probably simply fell for a guy wearing blue makeup and MC Hammer pants.

So, this man, delighted with his purchase, went home with his priceless artifact. Of course, once he arrived at his residence, he rubbed the lamp in hopes of releasing the genie to get one of his hard-earned wishes. Much to his surprise, no genie appeared because he literally bought a piece of garbage for almost $100,000. This is when he contacted the police who no doubt had a good chuckle at his expense.

According to the police, this isn’t the first time someone has been conned by these men. In fact, they’ve taken millions more rupees off of unassuming chumps. The moral of the story? Don’t waste your money on medical school if you have the street smarts of a 3-year-old.

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

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