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Doctor Runs 22 Miles With Mask to Prove It Doesn’t Affect Your Oxygen, If You Pass Out It’s Purely Because You’re Out of Shape

Photo: rudi_suardi (Getty Images)

In the last six months, much of the world has been put on pause. Even when things began to open up, many people adopted a lifestyle that involved social distancing and wearing masks in public. But not everyone wants to get in line. There are a lot of people who feel that wearing a mask goes against their rights as an American. While we can go back and forth all day attempting to change their minds, it probably won’t work. If they don’t believe the leading world medical and health experts, they won’t believe pop culture writers. Even after you get past the political aspect of mask wearing, many people don’t want to cover their face with cloth because they’re concerned about the health effects. This is what prompted a British doctor to run 22 miles while wearing a mask.

Dr. Tom Lawton’s goal was to prove that not only are face masks safe but that they don’t limit your oxygen levels. He decided to complete this task because of all the criticism face masks get online. He was tired of people with no medical background trying to get other people to decide not to wear masks.

He figured an event like this would prove once and for that masks are safe. Either that or he wouldn’t get enough oxygen and he’d collapse on the road halfway to his goal. Obviously, he was right, and he completed his run safely.

Lawton, who is an ICU doctor in England, put on his mask and started the 22-mile run between his home and his work the Bradford Royal Infirmary in Yorkshire, England while monitoring his oxygen levels using a device called a pulse oximeter. Unsurprising to Lawton, his oxygen levels never fell below 98 percent, well within normal breathing levels.

Sure, conspiracy theorists will find a way to say that this either didn’t actually happen or he fudged the numbers. But, that doesn’t matter to us. We believe Dr. Lawton.

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