Unicorn Puppy Has Tail Growing Out of Its Forehead, Conveniently Its Mouth Smells Like Butthole

Once upon a time, in a land not that far away, there was the cutest puppy in the world who just so happened to have an extra tail…growing out of his head. Yes, this good boy is the world’s first, and cutest, unicorn puppy and now there is nothing we want more than to pat his little head and tell him how handsome he is, in order to see both tails wag.

The puppy in question is named Narwhal, named after the famed whale with a single tusk growing out of its head. The whale was named “the unicorn of the sea,” so we see no problem in calling the puppy version “the unicorn of our hearts.” Despite his extra tail, this dachshund mix “couldn’t be happier,” according to his caretaker. Let Mr. Narwhal serve as an adorable example to all of us; no matter what afflictions you may be born with, you can still choose to be happy. And really, really f*ckin’ cute.

Photo Credit: DNA Media

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