President Trump Hands Out Halloween Candy at White House, Terrifies Children Without Costume or Decoration

President Trump and First Lady Melania just shouldn’t attempt to do normal people things. In a bizarre video from a White House event, President Trump and his ice queen of a wife attempted to engage in Halloween’s most treasured tradition: trick-or-treating. A child comes to your door dressed in a costume and you place a treat inside of their outstretched bag. Unfortunately, President Trump, perhaps distracted with much more pressing matters (his possible impeachment, his next golf game, what’s for dinner) couldn’t quite grasp the difficult concept of placing the fucking candy bar in the fucking bag! Instead of doing literally anything else, Trump decided the best course of action would be to place a candy bar on the young trick-or-treater’s Minion-masked head. We’ve had to watch the video countless times to even wrap our heads around it.

Maybe next year, they should just go back to letting the servants do it. Our President is either completely inept at grasping even the most basic human connections or, more likely, he was jealous that the kids were getting candy and he was not.

Cover Photo: Alex Wong (Getty Images)

Who said it: The Joker or President Trump?


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