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Angelina Jolie Generates Buzz With Beekeeping PSA, Does This Make You Think ‘Yes Please’ or ‘Buzz Off’? (Video)

Angelina Jolie has long been a spokesperson for various do-gooder causes, be it health and conservation programs or helping refugees and Doctors Without Borders. But her latest awareness-raising efforts are generating a lot of buzz – literally.

That’s because the actress is bringing the significance of bees to the forefront in a new video interview with Vogue. The move comes after being named godmother of UNESCO and Guerlain’s Women for Bees program. As part of that honor, she met with that program’s first graduates at l’Observatoire Français d’Apidologie (OFA) in Provence, France.

“I thought I knew something about bees and beekeeping and training, and I thought I understood the importance,” Jolie says in the video. “But really, when you really dig into it and you really start to learn about what, for example, what we would lose, 30% of the honey bees disappearing. Had we not had the beekeepers and the work of places like OFA, we would lose them.”

Why is this a big deal? Because bees contribute to one-third of the world’s food supply. (Don’t ask us how. It’s above our pay grade.)

But if you are so inclined, you can do something to slow the decline of the bee population. As Jolie states, “There are ways that individuals could keep some bees or at least have some flowers or dedicate some part of their life or time to the awareness and the, and the encouragement of these kind of programs.”

So, go plant or tree or something. That is, if you don’t feel like telling Jolie and all her new, bee-loving friends to buzz off yet.

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