Olympic Swimmers Model Wet Lingerie to Hose Body-Shamers, And Our Flagpole Is at Full Mast

It’s a little ironic when two beautiful women pose in wet lingerie for the sake of shaming body-shamers. After all, in this case, the two women happen to be Olympic athletes. But regardless of their perfectly toned bodies cutting unbelievable shapes in the water, we love the message they’re sending.

In fact, the message is perhaps even more powerful because it highlights the truth that every single person is prone to self-consciousness via external forces, no matter how toned their abs. And really, life is too short to feel the extraneous and completely manufactured shame of not having whatever body type is selling merch at the moment.

The idea is beautifully illustrated by two of Britain’s top artistic swimmers who are trading in their swimsuits for lingerie. In an effort to promote Bluebella’s #BeStrongBeBeautiful campaign, Kate Shortman, 19, and Isabelle Thorpe, 20 – two first-time Olympians – are striking a refreshing pose.


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“Who decided that being muscular is a good thing for boys and a bad thing for girls? It’s absolute rubbish,” Shortman said, adding, “It’s utterly unfair that society’s expectations for boys are to have this perfect image of health by going to the gym, lifting weights, and looking really muscular and strong, and yet for girls, it’s the opposite — you should be stick-thin and with delicate feminine features.”


Why should we have to go to the gym and lift weights, when it’s perfectly acceptable (and comfortable) to stay at home and eat chips? This is why we’re raising our flags in a salute to self-love. Because nothing deserves a flagpole at full mast more than preparing to love thyself, whatever shape your solitary afternoon shadow happens to cut along the living room rug of no regrets.

Cover Photo: Instagram (@BlueBella)

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