Meanwhile in France: Comedian Hilariously Recreates Olympic Events on Unsuspecting People, This Must Become an Olympic Sport


You might not realize it, but the summer Olympics in Tokyo are in full swing. While most of us aren’t watching them, the world’s best athletes are performing in front of empty stadiums. While most Olympic years, we get excited about track and field, swimming, basketball, and other events, we just don’t care this year. With the pandemic still not close to ending, we just don’t see the point of having the Olympics this year. We might actually tune in though if any of the events were as funny as the French man recreating Olympic events of unsuspecting people.

A French man named Remi Gaillard has been pranking people by making them join him in random Olympic events. The best part? They have no idea what he’s doing. Some of the highlights include Gaillard attempting to kayak down an escalator, wrestle a man on the beach, jumping on people’s backs pretending they’re a horse, and hurling javelins around people sitting quietly in a park.

And you can imagine, part of the humor involves around the fact that people don’t like to be messed with by strangers. Especially a stranger who seems like a complete nut dressed in full fencing regalia accosting you while you attempt to tend to your bees.

Our only hope is that the Olympic committee takes notice, cancels the rest of the boring regular games, and makes all of the events based around Gaillard and his sporting pranks. We’d definitely watch that.