Fox News Launching Own Weather Channel, Forecast Calls For Fake Liberal Snowflakes

Credibility and Fox News go together like ham and shit – which is why climate scientists are worried about the entertainment “news” network pushing its flab into the weather game.

At first glance, it looks pretty strange that a media company with a history of 86 percent false climate reporting would want to double down in this sector. But owner (and douchebag collector) Rupert Murdoch is sparing no expense in building his 24/7 ode to meteorology (AKA climate change denial.)

To this end, Fox Weather is staffing up with a mix of veteran weathermen and up-and-comers, including a few godfearing Texans who probably think a bearded man in a white robe creates the weather every morning from his throne in the clouds. The new channel even pinched The Weather Channel’s Shane Brown, kicking off an all-out broadcast war the likes of which we haven’t seen since The Anchorman.

With the regularity of extreme weather creating serious demand for up-to-the-minute forecasts, it’s no wonder competition is stiffening. Between the recently scorched earth of Canada and the intense flooding of New York’s subways, seasons, as we know them, are disappearing faster than Tucker Carlson’s chin.

Despite climate experts voicing concern over Fox News’s ability to accurately report (on anything), the media company isn’t flapped. “While the Weather Channel is focused on trolling for unrelated stories, Fox Weather is busy preparing the debut of our innovative platform to deliver critical coverage to an incredibly underserved market,” adding that they’ll, “provide in-depth reporting surrounding all weather conditions.”

We can only assume “all weather conditions” include made-up ones as well.

Fox Weather is set to debut this fall, and you can bet there’ll be fun new levels of truthiness. But how far can they bend the truth, really? If they call for blue skies during a hurricane, can’t we all just draw back the curtains and call bullshit? Because you don’t need a weatherman to know these guys blow.

Cover Photo: Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images)

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