Viral Video of News Reporter Surprised by Cicada on His Neck Guaranteed to Give You the Creepy Crawlies

Cicadas are back, in a big way, and they’re coming for us. As you’ve probably heard, Brood X, a particularly prolific and horny type of the winged insect are assaulting the East Coast. And they want to get up close and personal. One news anchor recently learned this when one of the little buggers decided to drop in on his live shot.

CNN chief congressional correspondent Manu Raju was readying to go on camera inside the Capitol last week when he noticed something creeping up his left shoulder and onto his neck.

“Had an unwelcome visitor try to crawl into my live shot earlier,” he captioned a now-viral video posted to Twitter.

Raju managed to swat the critter away, but he was clearly flustered by the insect’s surprise cameo. Still, Twitter applauded him for (relatively) keeping his cool – in addition to making a few jokes and wondering why his crew mates didn’t alert him to the cicada’s presence.

For someone who covers all the happenings in Washington, a cicada is probably the least creepy thing Raju reports on every day. Still, who doesn’t have the creepy crawlies after watching that? (*checks neck obsessively for cicadas*)

Cover Photo: @mkraju (Twitter)



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