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MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - SEPTEMBER 08: American model and actress Megan Fox is seen during the Fashion Fest Autumn/ Winter 2017 in Mexico City, Mexico on September 08, 2017. (Photo by Daniel Cardenas/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Megan Fox Says Raising 3 Sons Is ‘UFC Fight Night All Day, Every Day’ (We Would Gladly Be Locked in a Cage With Her)

Forgive us if we forget from time to time that Megan Fox is a mom. She just seems too hot to have given birth or to even be interested in raising children. But on a recent appearance of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Fox spoke about raising her three sons – Noah Shannon, 8, Bodhi Ransom, 7, and Journey River, 4 – and we were reminded all over again that not only is she a mother, she’s a mother that we’d like to…well, you know.

Discussing her bustling household, Fox said that family life is like “UFC Fight Night all day, every day.” Even something as innocuous as forks become weapons under her roof and the boys literally pull each other’s hair out. “We need to live in a padded cell for everyone to be safe,” Fox joked.

That said, the brothers “love each other. They’re best friends, but the fighting is non-stop because they have so much energy and they’re so rambunctious that it’s just a melee.”

It’s hard to believe that these little dudes share genes with Fox’s ex, Brian Austin Green (a sensitive beta if there ever was one), since they sound, personality-wise, more like the spawn of Fox’s current flame, Machine Gun Kelly.

We can’t imagine how high the testosterone level gets when MGK and Fox’s three sons get together. What we do know is we’d gladly be locked in a cage with Fox and work out all of our restless energy with her.

Cover Photo: Anadolu Agency / Contributor (Getty Images)

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