Mandatory TikTok Trends: Moms Flashing Breastfed Baby Reactions Shows Fun New Way to Whore Out Your Child on Social Media

Just when you thought TikTok couldn’t stoop any lower, it does. The social media platform known for its dumb, viral (and sometimes dangerous) videos is now about toddler height. By which we mean: breastfeeding moms are flashing their babies and filming their little ones’ reactions to the boobage.

It’s called the “Show your breastfed baby your boobs” challenge, and it’s the latest way women can whore out their children on the internet.

How far will babies go for a taste of the teat? This little tyke crawled all the way across the room.

@megan_schobertWho’s gunna tell him he gets weaned in a month#breastfedbabychallenge #babiesoftiktok♬ Drop ‘Em Out – Wheeler Walker Jr.

This tiny dude is practically drooling at the thought of some milk.

@thecaimancrewI feel you bud… I feel you. #baby#babiesoftiktok#mom#momsoftiktok#trend#viral#funny#foryou#fyp#foryoupage#cute#love#family♬ Drop ‘Em Out – Wheeler Walker Jr.

This baby made a beeline for his mama’s boobs.

@heidikuyperLate to the Tik Tok game but couldn’t resist this challenge #breastfedbaby #baby #breastfedbabychallenge #momsoftiktok♬ Drop ‘Em Out – Wheeler Walker Jr.

This chubby toddler came cruising down the hallway to get a sip.

@torrleighThis was a few months ago, but still makes me laugh #breastfedbabybelike #breastfedbabieschallenge #breastfeedingtiktok #fyp Idea- @megan_schobert♬ Drop ‘Em Out – Wheeler Walker Jr.

This tyke said, “Fuck playtime,” and literally threw his toy on the ground so he could chase down some tit.

@empewpewB00BIE Lover #fyp♬ Drop ‘Em Out – Wheeler Walker Jr.

And this creepy kid is definitely going to #metoo some poor woman someday.

@charlottejadecooneyHe got so exited and grabbed one bless him #fyp #breastfedbaby #breastfedbabychallenge♬ Drop ‘Em Out – Wheeler Walker Jr.

We can only imagine the next TikTok trend will feature grown men’s reactions to seeing their favorite pair of boobs – because some things never change.

Cover Photo: megan_schobert /

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