‘Halloween Kills’ Teaser Features the Return of Karen’s Christmas Sweater (Which We’ll Have to Wait a Year to See)

In case you didn’t know, Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) daughter, Karen (the always-underutilized Judy Greer) wears a Christmas sweater in Halloween because she hates the eponymous holiday. Classic Karen. Given her family’s horrific history with the holiday, thanks to serial killer Michael Myers, this is understandable. The latest teaser trailer for Halloween Kills shows the return of said Christmas sweater as well as a handful of familiar characters like Lindsey Wallace (Kyle Richards) and Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall)—who Strode babysat in the original. Check it out below. 

Director David Gordon Green’s Halloween (2018) revived the franchise in a big way; ignoring its lackluster filmography and serving as a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s original 1978 film. In the newest Halloween, Myers breaks out of prison and goes on another, inevitable killing spree in Haddonfield. Strode, her daughter, and granddaughter manage to trap the James T Kirk-wearing Myers in a burning building; however, in Halloween Kills — which takes place throughout the same night — he’s back.  

So no, Karen hasn’t washed that Christmas sweater yet. Hopefully, she won’t be as much of an annoying liability “next Halloween.” Halloween Kills was supposed to be released this October, but it has been delayed until 2021. Thirty-six seconds to tide us over for the next 12 months? Thanks, Karen. 


Photos: Universal Pictures

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