RANKED! The Greatest Horror Films Featuring a Creepy Masked Killer (Like That’s What We Need To Watch Right Now)

Masks weren’t always a paragon of safety from dangerous things (we’re looking at you COVID-19). In the annals of cinematic history (and in unfortunate gas stations, banks, and other places dealing in cash), if you see someone/something wearing a mask, it usually isn’t a good sign. If you want to scare someone, put a monster in their closet, if that monster comes out, make sure they’re wearing a mask. The creepiest masked figures often wield knives, axes, chainsaws, and “body” unsuspecting characters like it’s going out of style, but it never does. We love/hate that which is dangerous and mysterious. With that in mind, here are the greatest horror films featuring a masked killer because, this Halloween, that’s just what you need to see.

Cover Photo: Paramount Pictures

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