Bill Burr’s SNL Monologue Triggers Cancel Culture (The Rest Of Us Are Neither Surprised Nor Care)

In 2006, Bill Burr and a handful of other comedians performed for a Philadelphia crowd as part of The Opie and Anthony Show’s Traveling Virus Comedy Tour. The belligerent crowd that night was a Maximus Decimus Meridius wet dream—they were not entertained. Most of the lineup was mocked and booed including Dom Irrera right before Burr took the stage. Provoked by the crowd’s lack of respect (among other things), Burr proceeded to hand Philly a roasting the likes of which Justin Bieber has never seen: “I hope you all fucking die and I hope the Eagles never win the Super Bowl.”

Vicious, yet calm, Burr berated the city’s icons and culture while periodically noting the minutes left in his 12-minute set. At first, Burr was booed; however, his candor and signature style ended up winning over the hostile crowd. “The Philadelphia Incident” is part of the precedent Burr has set for himself. These days, it would seem some people have forgotten who he is.

Bill Burr hosted Saturday Night Live this past week, bringing his cantankerous material to network television. He began his monologue by dissecting mask culture, “I like people who wear masks…if you don’t want to wear a mask, that’s fine too.” Said Burr.“Take out your grandparents…I don’t care, it’s your decision. There’s too many people. If you’re that dumb, and you wanna kill your own family members, by all means, do it. Stops you from reproducing, it’s literally a dream come true. Speaking of dreams come true, did you see Rick Moranis got sucker-punched on the Upper West Side? New York is back baby!

He would go on to call out racist old people, straight white women for hijacking the progressive movement, and Pride month for lasting too long, all after making fun of cancel culture. Ironically, cancel culture took this as its cue. Check the full monologue out below.

Those who didn’t laugh at Burr’s jokes, whether in the politically-correct/”woke” SNL crowd or at home, were triggered. This loud minority tweeted and wrote nasty headlines. The rest of us watched it either Sunday or Monday, knowing this was Burr as usual—we didn’t care. No one becomes a comedic legend by treading lightly. In our quarantines, with a lack of new television, and stand-up routines, it’s like people are just waiting to be offended. If Moranis joined a fight club and was punched in the face, Burr would be that fist. While we’re all sincerely enraged by the reality of Louis Tully’s assault, in this climate, seeing Bill Burr be himself is a nice change of pace. To cancel culture: go home, you’re drunk.

Cover Photo: National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

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