Comedians on Netflix: Best Stand-up Specials

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The full frontal attack Netflix is leading against the entertainment industry is done in a big way by taking over the comedy market with filming or buying out stand-up specials. Therefore we have a lot of quality comedians on Netflix, in volume, it surpassed HBO in just a few years, especially with all the acquired specials. Therefore you have hours upon hours of guaranteed laughs just a few clicks away on the bingeing platform, so in order to save your time and skip the cringey ones, we made a list of the top stand-up specials on Netflix.

We’re going to keep it one special per comedian, otherwise, the list would just consist of Bill Burr’s and Louis C.K.’s work.  

Brent Morin: I’m Brent Morin (2015)

Quite possibly the least known comedian on the list, and definitely the youngest at 30 years of age. Netflix recognized the oversaturation of the comedy world with old faces and invested in upcoming comedy stars, and while Morin’s buddy Chris D’Elia disappointed with his two specials, at least compared to his usual hilarious sets, Brent fully delivered. The likable comedian/actor takes us on a tour of his life in his first special, while also boosting the material with insane daydreams and weird conclusions we all tend to have.

Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive (2013)

Not everyone’s cup of tea, as Aziz Ansari is pretty physical and loud in his comedy, draining a lot of jokes from emphasizing pretty common stuff. But Ansari’s topics are highly relatable to the younger fans of comedy without getting dirty, and that’s where his value comes from, as there are many comedians who do the family-related or nasty stuff. Ansari keeps it clean for the most part, and is an engaging storyteller, making it hard for the audience to doze off.

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Without a doubt, the biggest name in comedy for a decade now, and Louis C.K. is the most beloved comedian for a reason. It’s really hard to pick out his best stand-up special as Shameless, Chewed Up, and Oh My God are all equally good as the Beacon Theater one. His other specials are also on point but it’s because of the variety of themes Louis touches on in this one that he became the global authority on comedy. C.K. manages to shock and educate his audience with the same line thanks to his fat-free delivery.

Jim Jefferies: Bare (2014)

The first Netflix original Jim Jefferies has done, and probably his most relevant and best work, while his latest special was a disappointment, even for his biggest fans. With Bare Jefferies became culturally relevant but also a target for the gun enthusiasts as his pro-gun control bit from Bare went viral on the internet. The Australian aficionado of the word “c**t” keeps to big topics without being high brow, but also carrying many of his flaws like badges of honors. If you like his dark humor you might like these movies

Bill Burr: I’m Sorry You Feel That Way (2014)

Comedy veteran Bill Burr decided to shoot this special in black and white and it definitely gives the hour a different, classical feel. But the topics and the delivery isn’t classic, Burr always has opinions that go against the grain whether the topic is religion, relationships, or parenting. The thing at which Burr truly excels is storytelling and painting a vivid picture for the audience, despite the special being colorless, and the helicopter story in this special is one of the best bits of pure comedy gold pulled out from mud.

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The host of The Daily Show has a successful stand-up comedy career behind him, which is where he proved himself worthy of hosting such a pivotal program. In his specials, including African American, Noah is constantly on political subjects even when he’s talking about buying sandwiches. He does spot-on impressions without making it a big deal or the focal point of his act, and while his work is highly satirical because of his origins he is highly educational while always remaining funny.

Joe Rogan: Triggered (2016)

Yeah, the guy from Fear Factor. Joe Rogan is going against the political correctness craze that has taken the world and has done it in the center of it all – San Francisco. Pretty bold move for a man of many talents, as Rogan does commentary for UFC and is a highly active podcast host, yet he still manages to kill it in the comedy game. Besides kicking the hornet’s nest of touchy subjects like Caitlyn Jenner, feminism, and white knights, Rogan shows his love for weed and his fascination by the human experience and grandeur of life on Earth.

Dane Cook: Rough Around the Edges: Live from Madison Square Garden (2007)

Probably the most controversial pick of the comedians on Netflix as people either like or hate Dane Cook. And while we understood why he might not be lovable to some, Rough Around the Edges is a truly unique stand-up special, especially because of where it was filmed. Besides Cook being quite engaging, managing to make his delivery feel like his standing in a living room in front of a couple of new friends, it’s the wildest stand-up crowd ever that brings out another dimension. Topics are pretty relatable, but this is definitely not for everyone, still you should at least give it a shot.

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The king of one-liners and unapologetic comedy Jimmy Carr got his Netflix special, and while his other specials are way better, Funny Business is still on the highest level, the only thing that can be held against the Englishman is that some of his jokes are reused. But since you get a joke every 10 seconds or so, that’s not a real issue. Jimmy is on a crusade against political correctness and no one is safe from his zingers, he is also one of the rare comedians that interacts with his audience even when filming a special, showing a great deal of raw talent.

Tom Segura: Mostly Stories (2016)

A performer who is not on the highest stages of comedy and a household name like Louis C.K. and Bill Burr, but is highly regarded by those who are little deeper in comedy waters. Segura jumps all over the place topically but his effortless delivery makes it flow naturally like the material was thought up by a group of mathematicians. Although the special does deliver on what the title promises and you’ll really feel bad about your own party anecdotes listening to Segura.

Do you agree with our picks and what are some of your favorite comedians on Netflix and their stand-up specials?

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