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Social-Distance Comedy: Upset Woman Drives Out of Bill Burr’s First Set Back After Heckling Out Her Car Window (Apparently Couldn’t Take the Heat)

Comedians couldn’t help but get a little rusty during quarantine. We can’t blame them. Without comedy clubs and live audiences laughing it up, it must have been hard for them to know when their jokes were funny.

Now that America is reopening and comedians are experimenting with drive-in stand-up, there are bound to be a few growing pains (or just groans) as they bring their material back to public stages again.

Bill Burr is one such funnyman who had a rough re-entry into the world of entertaining. He did a drive-in show recently, during which he struggled to adapt to an audience enclosed in their cars. So he did what any middle-aged, white, male misogynist would do: he attacked women.

Ah, yes, the old-fashioned tradition of punching down to get a laugh. Well, at least one female audience member wasn’t having it. She started heckling the comic out of her car window. But of course there’s no talking sense to comedians on a roll. So Burr doubled down. The heckler eventually backed out and drove away.

We don’t know what the joke that turned her off was, but there’s no shortage of offensive material in his act. From barbs about how #MeToo ruined sex for women who like it rough (“Ask for consent!” an audience member in his Paper Tiger special helpfully suggested) to being “bullied” by a female opening act to slamming feminists as “not smart people” (clearly, he’s never met one), there’s plenty there to piss off the opposite sex.

What surprises us isn’t that he used women as punching bags in his act but that any woman would bother showing up to hear what he has to say.

Maybe Burr, along with fellow comedians like Louis CK, should just stay in quarantine indefinitely.

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