Mandatory Nostalgia: Pizza Hut Bring ‘Book-It’ Program Back From Our Childhood Grave, Begging Question ‘Can People Still Read?’

Photo: Daniela Simona Temneanu / EyeEm (Getty Images)

Recently, a term joined the popular lexicon the refers to people born between 1980 and 1985. Referred to as “geriatric millennials,” these folks lived in both an analog and digital world. They’re as well acquainted with waiting for dial-up internet to boot up to get onto AOL chat rooms as iPhone text chains and spent a majority of their youth playing Oregon Trail and only read any books in school because they were bribed with a Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza.

The reading rewards program was called “Book it!” and many older millennials (even those who were born later than 1985) spent much of the 1990s enjoying this perk from the well-known pizza chain. Proving that everything old is indeed new again, this program is finally back.

In an effort to get kids to read this summer, the chain is bringing back the program with a little twist. Lasting from June until August, it’s now called “Camp Book It!” It’s Pizza Hut’s way to get kids on the book bandwagon while giving them something to do (and eat) if their favorite summer camp is still closed this year.

Now that “geriatric millennials” have children of their own, their kids aged 4-12 can be registered on the Camp Book It! Website. Parents can find book recommendations and track their children’s progress on the site. But, we’re forgetting the most important part: free pizza.

Honestly, the only reason we read any books as kids were to get our hands on that crispy, cheesy, pepperoni-covered little circle of heaven. When your kids meet their reading goals, you get a coupon code that can be used for one Personal Pan Pizza.

While we’re not sure bribery is always the answer, we wouldn’t want the youngsters of today to miss out on the experience of getting a free pizza for simply reading a book. We got to do it so why shouldn’t they?



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